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Who am I?

My name is Georg. I am an engineer from Copenhagen, Denmark. I am currently putting everything I can earn and save into crowdlending. I am very keen on saving and investing, especially in crowdlending, and am always looking for new investment platforms and opportunities. I am also very much into personal development, which I think plays a bit part in investing and reaching financial independence.

I recently became lean financial independent and during 2019 I will not be working, but traveling most of the time, living only of passive income. I have been in Brazil for 3 months in the start of the year and will later visit Riga and Tallinn during the summer to take a closer look at all the crowdlending companies there. In the fall I will visit Chang Mai in Thailand.

On this blog, I will share how I cut my expenses to a minimum to be able to save about 70-80% of my after tax income and invest everything in crowdlending. I will also share information about the crowdlending platforms and strategies I use. Besides that, you could be exposed to anything related to lowering your cost of living, FIRE, financial independence, traveling cheap, unique yet cheap travel experiences and articles about other investment vehicles than crowdlending.

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