Did you ever want to invest in a mobile game? Now it is possible! This Friday you can invest in Beetroot Labs Mafia Stars game project with Crowdestor. Return 18% + 14% (the 14% is the average bonus percentage)

Did you ever want to invest in a mobile game? Now it is possible! This Friday you can invest in Beetroot Labs Mafia Stars game project with Crowdestor. Return 18% + 14% (the 14% is the average bonus percentage)

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Investment project summery

This investment opportunity that will be released on the Crowdestor platform this Friday offers Crowdestor investors to make a secured loan to SIA Beetroot Lab mobile strategy game “Mafia Stars” user acquisition. 

Global games market was predicted to be worth $134.9 billion in 2018. The largest sector of this was mobile gaming which was estimated to be worth $63.2 billion, 47% of the global games market. 

Beetroot Lab is a mobile game development studio with 20+ mobile game developers, delivering world-class mobile games since 2014. Their talented team includes specialists from EA Games, Machine Zone and other world leading game development studios. Among 100+ published games – Beetroot Lab’s games twice have been featured globally by Apple on the Apple App Store. 

Latest title “Mafia Stars” development has been completed with 3 million EUR investment by Beetroot Lab which is now seeking for additional financing of target EUR 600000 – 1000000 EUR for 12 months’ period for User Acquisition campaigns with interest rate of 20%. 

Currently “Mafia Stars” are running test user acquisition campaigns and delivering monetisation KPI’s way above industry average. 

Marketing cost for one acquired user: 2.5 EUR, Average revenue per one user: 7.81 EUR. 

Who is Beetroot Lab Studio?

Beetroot Lab is a privately held game development studio founded in 2014, specialising in the field of mobile game development for iOS and Android platforms. 

During 5 years they have built a talented team of 20+ experienced professionals covering all areas of mobile game development and publishing. Their team consists of: Unity developers, front-end developers, back-end developers, Sound Designers, 2D&3D artists, Data scientists, Game Designers, Concept Artists, User Acquisition specialists, Media specialists, Social Network content specialists and UX/UI specialists. Among 100+ published games – Beetroot Lab’s games twice have been featured globally by Apple on the Apple App Store certifying the high quality of developed products. 


If you would like some gameplay from Beetroot Lab, you can view this Youtube video below from Mafia – Clash of Families. 

About the game Mafia Stars

Mafia Stars is a social strategy game with next generation gameplay and graphics. 

In Mafia Stars you start the game as a young crime underdog who finds a location for his base in a post apocalyptic world where big corporations are controlling the society. You have to build your empire by attacking and recovering
territories from these organizations. Along with developing a base you get new and stronger fighting units and heroes with special abilities – Capos. Capos can wield different weapons and armours – collect and upgrade over 100 different items. 

Soon you will find yourself in fights with other players over control of resources and power. As a player you will join families with other players to protect each other or you can create your own family and become a Godfather. 

Monetisation model: Freemium (In-app purchases)
Target Audience: Male, 18 years+
Platforms: iOS & Android
Languages: 8+

The global game industry

Over the past several years, gaming has transitioned from a niche hobby to a global phenomenon – thanks to the accessibility of games on mobile devices. With over 2 billion gamers in the world today when everyone has access to mobile phones and 2.4 billion gamers is expected in 2020 – mobile games have become a mainstream entertainment of today’s society. Mobile gaming was the fastest-growing gaming sector in 2018 reaching higher revenue than Console or PC games. Predictions by App Annie market researchers say that mobile gaming will reach 60% of gaming the market share in 2019, driven by both hardcore and hyper-casual titles which include mobile strategy games like Mafia Stars. Globally, all apps (including non-gaming apps) reached 194 billion worldwide downloads in 2018 and gaming was responsible for more than 70% of it. 

Global game revenue estimated development

According to Newzoo research, the global games market was predicted to be worth $134.9 billion in 2018. The largest sector of this was mobile gaming which was estimated to be worth $63.2 billion, 47% of the global games market. 

Newzoo continued their gaming revenue predictions through to 2021 expecting total gaming to be worth $174 billion, from which mobile gaming will be $91.2 billion. There are many factors which stimulates this growth of mobile gaming one of which is the rise of the hyper-casual genre which according to research done by the BI team at ironSource, this genre has brought in approximately 101 million new gamers into the market. Hyper-casual games essentially create a “nurturing” effect on gamers, warming them up for IAP based titles. Additionally, lower latency and higher speeds due to 4G and soon-to-be 5G will make it easier to download, play, and stream games wherever gamers may be. This will likely result in mobile gamers playing more often and for longer, as there won’t be issues with their mobile network.

Yearly revenue by mobile game genre

As you can see on the graph below for revenue by mobile game genre in the United States, the strategy genre, that Mafia Stars are part of, is by far the genre with the most revenue earned. 

Mobile gaming industry examples

Mobile Strike. 
by Machine Zone. 
Machine Zone’s massively multiplayer online strategy title Mobile Strike has
brought in over $1 billion in revenue. he war-themed mobile strategy game has made more than $1.3 billion across the App Store and Google Play since launch in 2015. The game allows player to become an action hero of modern war where player has to build a base, control the action, and test your elite troops against enemies on the battlefield! 
Revenue $1 .38 billion. 

Clash of Clans. 
by Supercell. 
Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. The player is a chief of a village in a fantasy-themed persistent world where Clash where players have to build their own town using the resources gained from attacking other players. Released in 2012 by Finish game development studio Supercell – Sensor Tower ranks Clash of Clans’ total revenue at $6.4 billion globally since its launch. In 2016 Tencent acquired 84.3% of Supercell for $8.6 billion. Japan’s SoftBank valued Supercell at $10.2 billion. 
Revenue: $6.4 billion. 

Game of War: Fire Age. 
by Machine Zone
This MMO strategy title has made over $2.8 billion in revenue since its 2013 launch, according to market intelligence company Sensor Tower. Developed and published by MZ, the freemium app lets millions of players around the world build empires through research, crafting, and combat. They can then form alliances with other empires. the game has grossed nearly $1.6 billion on iOS and $1.2 billion on Google Play, according to Sensor Tower. 
Revenue: $2 .8 billion. 


On top of the talented in-house developer team we have attracted several mobile gaming industry
super-stars with experience working in TOP mobile gaming companies in the world. Talents who
have worked on top-grossing mobile strategy game titles like Game of War: Fireage (2.4 billion USD in
revenue), StarTrek: Fleet Command, Top-grossing sports games on App Store and Top-grossing
Facebook games. 

Daniel Lopez

User Acquisition Specialist. 
Daniel is an experienced User Acquisition and growth specialist who have
proven himself woking on one of the worlds must successful mobile
gaming title in the world: Game of War: Fire Age by Machine Zone, where
we worked as Sr. Media Buying Analyst and Marketing Analyst which
helped to build one of the most complex user acquisition strategies in the
world which led Game of War to generate revenue of 2.4 billion USD. 
Daniel has deep knowledge of multiple digital marketing channels and
how to best utilise them for growth as well how to leverage acquisition
and engagement funnel KPIs to ensure maximum effectiveness of user acquisition campaigns. For user acquisition purposes in MZ, Daniel successfully launched and managed 19+ separate ad networks, DSP, affiliates, and content channels. On top of mobile gaming industry, Daniel has experience working with Fantasy Sports as Senior Growth Manager in Draft Kings Inc. which is one of the fastest growing fantasy sports platform. 

Stephen Hey

Marketing & Publishing. 
During 5 years in the role of Head of Marketing at EA Games Stephens
main responsibility was to deliver a ‘best in class’ marketing service to the
developers served by EA Chillingo while being an integral part of the core
management team for the studio. Stephens responsibilities ranged from creating and executing global Go To Market plans, to heading key relationships with partners like Apple and Google. 
Stephen has a deep understanding of what drives consumer engagement with games, of how developers operate, and today’s commercial landscape. 
Stephen led marketing strategy on live service combat game ‘Iron Force’ which overtook ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Cut The Rope’ to become Chillingo’s biggest grossing product ($50 million+). 

Geoffrey Hunt

Lead Game Design. 
Geoffrey is an experienced producer and game designer, passionate
about creating great games. His experience includes data-driven game design, analysis, game economy and monetisation which he have presented on several high-grossing games, including Kingdoms of Camelot and Game of War: Fire age which generated 2.4 billion USD in revenue. 
While working on MZ’s Game of War: Fire age as Lead Designer, Geoffrey was responsible of leading the game design from systems design and stylistic choices to monetisation strategy. 
Additionally Geoffrey has experience working in game development studios Kabam and Scopely where he have worked on titles like Star Trek: Fleet command, Kingdoms of Camelot and many others where main responsibilities were lead game design, game economics and player experience. 

Marcin Rubinkowski

Lead Concept Artist. 
Marcin is unique mixed skill AAA+ concept artist with more than 8 years
experience working in movie and gaming industries. Marcin have worked for such brands as Netflix, Disney, Blur, Bungie, Nintendo, Sega and many other well known brands. Latest achievement is working on Netflix tv-series “Love Death + Robots” as lead Concept Artist of two episodes. Some of the Marcin’s works are awarded by CGsociety, Artstation, Wacom, and CG+ prizes. 

UX Magicians

UX/UI and Branding. 
UX Magicians are one of the worlds most trusted UI/UX and branding
partners for premium game developers. Their proprietary pipeline allows to work with any game development team in the world and deliver world-class results. The UX Magicians have delivered design & integrated UI/UX for games like: Star Wars: Rivals / NBA 2k19 / WWE 2K19 / Disney Heroes: Battle Mode / WWE 2K18 / Injustice 2 / WWE 2K17 / Dragon Wars / Contract Killer: Sniper / Frontline Commando 2 / Eternity Warriors 3 / Deer Hunter 2014 / Dino Hunter / Tap Sports Baseball / Blood & Glory: Immortal / Robocop / Amazing Battle Creatures / Defenders & Dragons / Swords and Slots/ Motocross Meltdown / Tons of Guns / Gang Lords / Heroes of Destiny. 

User acquisition test results

See the user acquisition test results in the table below. 

Investment example

Investment example chart below explains how based on current Mafia Stars metrics 1 EUR invested in user acquisition campaigns generates revenue of 3.12 EUR within a period of 12 months. It almost twice as high as the industry average due to Mafia Stars ability to choose more accurate audiences and adapting game scenarios to different user segments. 

This is awesome! How can I invest in this?

This project opens in less than 2 days on the Crowdestor platform! But if you sign up now, get validated, and transfer money, you have time to get in. I don’t want you to rush. Only invest in projects you know something about. This project will for sure be very popular and that is why I agreed with Crowdestor to give you some info some days in advance. Sleep on it. But do not sleep to long, if you want to be a part of it. 

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