Free 2 hour kayak trip, including equipment, in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Bergen, Berlin, Hamburg, Dublin, and Stockholm. Save your money and the environment!

Free 2 hour kayak trip, including equipment, in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Bergen, Berlin, Hamburg, Dublin, and Stockholm. Save your money and the environment!

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If you live in any of these cities or you will visit one of them on a vacation you can enjoy this cool and adventurous experience completely for free! For the trip I went on with Grupeer, the normal price would be 120 euros for the four of us. Because we booked a GreenKayak it did not cost anything! That’s right! Totally free!

For tourists or for people who just want to save extensively to be able to invest more this is a perfect activity. 

What is GreenKayak and how does it work?

The NGO GreenKayak is an environmental initiative, which aims to reduce the amount of waste in our waters. They work to endeavour as many people as possible a chance to actively engage on the fight against environmental pollution. They offer volunteers a free trip in our GreenKayaks, in return for collecting waste from the water and sharing their experiences from the kayak on social media with #greenkayak.

The GreenKayaks are double-sit-on-top kayaks and with space for two persons. The kayak is very stable and no previous kayak experience is necessary. You will be provided lifejackets and equipment for collecting waste when borrowing a GreenKayak.

Since 2017, several thousand volunteers participated in our initiative and paddled with the GreenKayaks in the harbors, rivers and lakes in different European countries collecting more than 15 tons of waste. Further, GreenKayak hold a series of activities, focusing on the collection of waste, hosted various institutions such as the European Environmental Agency, and are currently building a global network of GreenKayaks. 

So far, you can book a GreenKayak in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Bergen, Berlin, Hamburg, Dublin, and Stockholm

All you have to do is to go to a few weeks before you want to go kayaking and >>book a time<< at the location you want to do the event. 

On the 2 hour trip I went on with Grupeer, we gathered more than 7,5 kilos of trash left in the canals of Copenhagen. We had a lot of fun doing it and we had a little competition going on who would get the most kilos of trash. The canals in Copenhagen are already surprisingly clean and you can swim in the water without worries. So it actually feels a bit like a treasure hunt to find trash. It was quite entertaining and I actually think that we would not have enjoyed it as much, if we had paid and then did not had the competitive element of the activity. It also feels pretty good doing something for the environment

Who is Grupeer?

Grupeer is a great crowdlending investment platform with very competent people behind. It was the founder Alla Kisik and Executive Vice President Vladislav Filimonov who visited Copenhagen. Grupeer mix real estate projects with business loans on their investment platform. Below is a few resources if you want to learn more about Grupeer.
>> See my platform walkthrough and get help to sign up for Grupeers free service. 
>> Read or listen to my extensive interview with Grupeer. 
>> Sign up on the Grupeer platform for free. 

More FIRE articles in the future!

I recently realized that I have been focusing heavily on investing in my articles, but the blog is also about saving and FIRE. So expect more articles like this in the future, about free stuff and free activities. There is a new menu on the blog just about FIRE. There are a lot of things I do to have my cake and eat it too. I love getting the same things for free instead of just saving them away. You can do the same! Don’t spend money on something, if you can get it for free. 

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