Get your free audio book! My favorite audio books and paperbacks about investing, financial independence, personal development, and personal finance

Get your free audio book! My favorite audio books and paperbacks about investing, financial independence, personal development, and personal finance

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Never stop learning - knowledge is the superpower of the average Joe!

A few years back I started educating myself on investing for passive income together with personal development. If you want to become financially independent, then educating yourself in those two areas is vital for your success. You need to teach yourself how to invest and avoid the classic pitfalls. You need personal development to implement and sustain your new habits that will eventually set you free and give you full control over all the 24 hours in your day! 

I am not a big reader. 
Until a few years ago I hardly ever read a book outside of work or school. Sitting down for hours at the time reading is really tough for me, made me tired, and I felt like I didn’t really have the time in my busy schedule for it. However, when I found a great resource of audio books on these two topics I was hooked! The first year I finished more than 70 audio books! The best thing is that I did not need to allocate time specifically for reading during my day. In the morning and in the afternoon I listened to audiobooks during my commute to and from work. Later at night I could continue listening while I was cooking, eating, doing laundry, ironing, doing the dishes and exercising. This habit of listening to audiobooks every day during basic tasks changed everything for me. 

I selected the best books for you below. 
Now, I have to say that not all the books I finished were amazing or even interesting. Some were too basic and some were just plain stupid and did not help me at all. I recently started to listen to my favorite books all over again. It is actually amazing the things I missed the first time I went through them. Some of the books were a bit complex for me in the beginning. But the second time around I am really getting the full benefit. As I go along and finish my favorites I will share them with you in this article together with a short description. Most of the books, except for a few very relevant on crowdlending, has free English audio versions. 

There is no such thing as a free lunch! 
I hear people say this all the time, but it is actually not true at all. I already showed you how to get free wifi, free cafe latte, free travel insurance, free airline tickets, free coworking office access at Google, and free kayak trips for the whole family. Now I will teach you how to get a free audiobook on personal finance, investing or personal development. If you like one of the books below, you can click the link in the description and sign up for a free 30-day Audible trial. As soon as you have downloaded the audiobook to your library, you can cancel your subscription and you have your free audiobook. Boom! You can wait up to 30 days though. Who knows, you may get totally hooked like me and hungry for even more knowledge. 

The 5 second rule

Are you having problems getting out of bed in the morning? Do you tell yourself at night that tomorrow you will get up on time, but as soon as the alarm goes off you smash the snooze button? A little later you do it again and you continue until you are so late that you keep being behind your schedule the whole day. You feel tired and your motivation is gone. Mel Robbins shares a very simple yet powerful method to jumpstart your day and always get up on time. It does not stop there. She gives examples of who she and others use the method to stop procrastinating on anything during your day. The 5 second rule helped Mel getting from the worst place in her life to the best place. It is a funny and engaging book that I really enjoyed listening through again. It is quite motivational, the rule is easy to implement in your own everyday life and it actually works! This is a must read to get the most out of life. 

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 
Get out of bed in the morning and start making some changes >>

Invest in P2P Lending

What you should know, how to avoid mistakes and invest successfully. 
Anyone involved is crowdlending should know about Lars Wrobbel at this point. He is running the very successful German P2P blog and podcast and has more than 65.000 followers. His blog and his podcast are only in German. However, he recently translated his book about P2P into English so you will have a chance to learn from his experiences. He is most likely the most unbiased P2P blogger I have come across. He wrote the book in collaboration with a fellow investor, Kolja Barghoorn. One of the few books about crowdlending out there – don’t miss out. 

Get Lars’ book right here!

The book has an GERMAN audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 
Get the free German audiobook here >>


Playing with FIRE - Financial Independence Retire Early

If you are new on you travel towards financial freedom, this would be a very good book for you. Both for the initial motivation but more for all those questions and doubts that comes up before and when you get started on your FIRE quest. The hardest thing is to get started, to do your own analysis of what route you should take towards financial independence and to decide how extreme you want to be. The more extreme, the faster you will reach financial independence. This book also gets into the problems you will run into if your spouse does not want to be as extreme as you or maybe is not that hooked in the concept of FIRE as you are. This book will help you find the the perfect speed for you and your spouse, with the mindset you both have right now. It also gives you tips on how to turn your spouse into getting excited about FIRE as well, if the consumer mindset gets in the way. In the book and documentary, Scott meets with famous people from the FIRE community and interviews them. This include Pete Adeney (Mr Money Mustache), Vicki Robin (author of “Your Money or Your Life”), Joshua and Ryan (The Minimalists), Brandon (The Mad Fientist), and many more. This book is accompanied with a film documentary that came out late 2019.  

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 
Get the book and learn more about the financial independence movement! >>

I want to see the documentary! 
You can see the full documentary it right here! Get you popcorn ready >> 

Get Rich With Dividends

Some years ago, I wanted to build a portfolio of dividend stocks. I had no idea how many stocks I should have, where to find information about them, what interest rate I should aim for, how to analyze stocks or how to diversify over sectors. A went through five books about dividend and DRIP investing.

Get Rich With Dividends is the only book you need to get started
, in my opinion. It takes you through all the different steps in building your own portfolio, diversifying while telling stories about stock trends, bankruptcies, different resources, what all the different numbers and expressions you see when looking at a stock actually mean and how to analyze a potential dividend stock for your portfolio. 

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial.
Get the book and start building your portfolio >>

Work from home. 50 ways to make money online analyzed

This book will open your eyes on how to make money from home. If you want to get more security by having several income streams. Every opportunity is analyzed in detail and rated after how much earning potential it has and it’s level of passivity. It is a mix of income streams ranging from fully passive to paid work by the hour or project. Everyone of them can be utilized from within your own home. 

There are a lot great ideas on how to become location independent. Some of these ideas to make money online I had never thought of or even heard about before.  

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 

Get the book and start earning money online >>

Rental Property Investing

If you want to get started doing rental property investment, this is a great book on how to do it. It explains the concept, the opportunities, and how to avoid the pitfalls. It is a great resource from the people behind the BiggerPockets website and forum, where you can meet fellow real estate investors, and ask questions about real estate buy-to-let investing to mature investors or investors just starting out. However, it is very specific towards the US market, but the basic principles can be used pretty much anywhere. This book is especially good, if you are looking for your first rental property and have no or little experience as a landlord or rental property investing. 

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 
Get the book and get started learning about real estate buy-2-let investing >>

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This was the absolute first book I read and the one that kick started my journey towards towards financial independence.  This is really a a classic and one of the most read book on personal finance and how to build wealth. This tells you exactly why the rich get richer and why the poor get poorer.  The book is especially interesting because it has an interesting story combined with the theory and knowledge of how money works. It shows how you environment, in this case Roberts “two fathers”,  can greatly affect your finances and your ability to create wealth in life, that can last for generations. 

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 
Get the book and get started learn to manage your money >>

The richest man in Babylon

The Richest Man in Babylon was the second book I read on that overseas flight I had, that was start of my journey towards financial independence. The story in the book  takes place 8000 years ago in ancient Babylon. It is a story about a poor man, Arkad, who learns how to generate money and wealth and ends up being the richest man in Babylon. This book should really be mandatory in the school system today.  The book teaches Arkad seven simple rules or steps on how to grow his savings, and how to make his savings work for him, to make him even more money. If you only want to read a single book about personal finance, this would be a very good choice. It is a timeless classic and even though it is set 8000 years ago and the book was written in 1926, the exact same rules apply today. 

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 
Get the book and learn about learn how money works and how you create wealth >> 


When you become a millionaire, then you will be happy! Right? Because then you have the money to live the life you truly want. This is a fictional story about a man that has obtained everything he thought was important in life, but then realizes that he is not happy at all. This man could be any hard working family man, that has been extremely focused on his carrier or business, and now find himself quite unhappy with his own life even though he seemingly has everything. His intense and everyday pursuit of financial success someday in the future has taken his freedom away. He is fighting with his wife and barely has time to spend with his family or friends anymore. He learns that just becoming successful with his carrier and making a lot of money, is not making him happy. He learns how to become truly happy right now, and not some distant day in the future when he has enough money. He learns that he needs to pursue life itself and build his business arounds that. He becomes a Lifeonaire. The book is actually written by a successful real estate investor. 

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 
Get the book and learn home to balance your life and be happy >>

The power of ambition

Jim Rohn is one of my absolute favorite motivators of all time! In this book he sums up pretty much all the small and simple everyday changes in habits and mindset you need to implement, in order to get everything you want in life.

Jim Rohn teaches you how to achieve any goal you may have in life in six easy steps. Yes, he even says that it is easy. Becoming a millionaire is easy. Becoming financial independent is easy. Becoming a success is easy. Once you really start to listen to what he is saying and takes it to heart, you realize the he is right. The best thing about Jim Rohn is that he has a remarkable sense of humor. I guarantee you will giggle a lot throughout his book if you choose the below audio version, as it is narrated by Jim Rohn himself. 

The book has an audio version that is free with an Audible trial. 
Get the book and get started learning about personal development >>

Den lille guide til crowdlending

Rasmus Firla-Holme, an eager Danish investor and money blogger at, has written this guide to crowdlending. The book is in Danish and targets Danish crowdlending investors in particular. I had the pleasure of writing the foreword for this wonderful book and I have to say that Rasmus did a really good job. The book is easy to read and in a way that everyone can understand, even though they have no previous knowledge of crowdlending. This is currently the only Danish book on crowdlending out there. 

The book is only available in Danish and only comes in a paperback version. However, If you are Danish and want to get started with, or learn more about crowdlending, this is the book for you! 

Get the book and learn all you need to know about investing in crowdlending >>

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