Getting started with crowdlending

Getting started with crowdlending

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Getting started with investing was not easy for me. The first rule in investing is ‘Don’t lose your money!’ It hurts losing money. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in investing. The risks are real and you can lose money. However, by learning more about what it is you actually invest in and diversifying your investments will lower the risk quite a bit.

Why I choose only crowdlending for my new investments

So I started reading all I could about investing. Index funds, real estate, dividend stocks. The traditional stock investing that most people know about did not really sit well with me. The constant fluctuations up and down literally kept me up at night and I got burned several times by reacting to the fluctuations of the market. Trading growth stocks is not for me. I do however have ETFs, Index funds and dividend stocks in my portfolio. Then I came across crowdlending. That really hooked me in! It was everything I had been looking for. The investments deliver fixed income just like dividend stocks, but on a much more frequent basis. usually small amounts are made daily. That means you can log on in the morning and see how much you made during the night. Now that is the way it should be! Many of the platforms offer some kind of buyback that secures your principal in case of a default. Furthermore, the interest rates are at a whole other level! Working in the banking industry for almost two decades I already have a well-founded knowledge of the direct to consumer loan market and understand the dynamics. I actually feel quite comfortable. Crowdlending is not affected by investors fear and market fluctuations in the same way stocks are. All in all, crowdlending really fits my investment goals for steady passive income, my risk profile and investment psychology. 

Getting started with a little and learn as you go

My discovery of the crowdlending platforms gave me newborn courage to get started with some small investments on several platforms and as time went by I felt more secure, learned more and invested more. I found out, that when I was just looking at different investment options, I was not really getting that much knowledge about the investments. I was not really getting involved. But as soon as I got started investing in on a platform, just with a little amount that I was willing to risk, everything changed and I got interested in learning a lot more about the platforms and the investments I was currently involved in. I realized that I did not have to know everything before I got started. The getting started part, is what triggered everything. Just getting the ball rolling a little bit made everything much easier. Ones I saw the small payments ticking into my accounts, the interest in investing grew immensely. 

Follow my investments and get saving habits

On this blog, I will share my crowdlending portfolio with you, as well as my monthly passive income from crowdlending investments and easy to understand information on my favorite platforms. I will only share information on platforms that I myself have personal experience with. I will give you the information you need in order to get started investing in crowdlending by yourself. I will tell you how you can diversify and what to look out for when you analyze a new investment or platforms. Make sure you sign up for my free newsletter and get the free PDF on how to save more for investing. If you really want to get serious about investing and want to get some volume on your investments, it is really powerful to look into your day to day spending habits and implement small, hardly noticeable, changes to maximize your saving rate. Anyone can do this with a little effort and it will really boost your investments. I currently have a savings rate of a little over 80% of my after-tax income. All of those savings will go directly into crowdlending. In my newsletters, I will share some great ideas on how you can increase your savings rate or implement side hustles to maximize the amount you have available to invest.

Start learning more today

Set aside a little time every day to get some more knowledge about crowdlending. Just a half hour a day will get you further than you could imagine in just a month. Just see one less episode each day of whatever Netflix you are watching these days. If reading is not your thing, if you don’t feel you can set aside the time to read, all of my posts and articles are also available as generated podcasts. So you can listen to them while you are in your car on your way to work, at the gym, on your lunch break, cooking dinner at home or just taking a walk to get some air and some valuable knowledge. No more excuses. You too can get started on investing for steady passive income while you sleep!

Learn more about Mintos.  
Mintos is a global online crowdlending marketplace for loans. It was founded in 2014 and has their main office in Riga, Latvia. Mintos is today the leading peer-2-peer platform in Europe. If you just want a single crowdlending platform for your investments, Mintos is a great candidate.

Learn more about Grupeer. 
Grupeer is a crowdlending platform that lets you invest in mortgage loans, business loans and development projects. Grupeer is very simple to set up, is easy to use and require a minimum of maintenance while making good profits. This is one of my favorite platforms.

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