Google Campus for Startups

Google Campus for Startups

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If you are working in the tech industry and are located for a longer period or maybe just a week or two in London, Madrid, Warsaw, Seoul, Tel Aviv or São Paulo, here is a great coworking space for you and it is absolutely free
I tested out some other coworking spaces during my stay. They had fewer facilities and you had to pay around 150 euros per month. As my budget is small while travelling, this location worked out perfect for me.

It is called Google Campus for Startups and is a great coworking for people who are interested in getting in touch with a startup to work with. It is not just a coworking space, but a great opportunity to network and meet up with other entrepreneurs.  The coworking is open Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening. 

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Map of Google Campus for Startups locations worldwide

To get access to the facilities, you need to go through a signup process online and ones you are approved you will have free access to all of their currently 6 offices worldwide. You can sign up for free at Choose your location and click on the blue button “Become a member” to start the sign-up process. Ones approved, you can pick up your access card at the entrance and start working and meeting peers in the tech industry. 

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Acceess Card.

Their office in São Paulo is really awesome. It contains 6 floors. The two top floors are reserved for coworking and contain 3 outdoor terraces with great views. If you prefer to be inside where there is air con, there are several areas to choose from, depending on the work you need to do. There is a quiet area, where no talking is allowed. This area includes a number of soundproof phone booths for making calls. Another area has a small cafe with coffee, tea, and snacks. For lunch, you will have to go outside, but as the office is located in the center close to Avenida Paulista, you have many options to choose from that offer great value for money.

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Lunch with a large cold beer - only 5 euros.

In the main work area, there is a pool table for relaxing and meeting new friends. There are plenty of different seating options, from regular chair and sofas to diners like sections for groups to work together. All of the areas offer excellent wifi. 

In the main area, there is also a big board filled with job offers from startups and people offering their services to startups. So if you have a dream of getting involved in a startup, there are many opportunities here. The jobs offered at the moment includes video editing, UX design, UI design, photography, digital marketing, WordPress programmer, graphic design, e-commerce, mobile app development, fintech, programming in CSS html5 javascript PHP, Raspberry Pi, Salesforce, SEO, blogging, and translation. This means that pretty much anyone can get involved in a startup. 

The Campus also has frequent events where members can attend and learn about startup law, how to get funding, marketing and also about many of the free tools and services Google offer. Have a look for coming local events in the event sections under each campus location. 

Two of the floors hosts already established startups that have been accepted into the Google Startup Residency program. They have already established startups with existing products, that need help finding funding, promoting and improving their product or service. They have access to mentors from Google, who help them take their startup to the next level. When a new technology emerges, we all benefit! This is something that Google wants to help the upcoming startups obtain. 

I have used the coworking and networking facilities a great deal during my 3 months in Brazil and I cannot recommend it enough. Thank you Google, for providing this excellent service and help entrepreneurs all over the world. It is very much appreciated! 

If you want to read more and maybe become a member, visit the Google Campus for Startups website. Please share if you have friends who are interested in startups. Feel free to comment or ask questions below!

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