My new investments in August 2019. Including the first status for Bondora Go & Grow and Mintos Invest & Access comparison

My new investments in August 2019. Including the first status for Bondora Go & Grow and Mintos Invest & Access comparison

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Visiting platforms in Estonia and then back to Riga for the final interviews

I am currently finishing my 3 month tour of the Baltics. I lived in 3 countries and visited and interviewed 19 crowdlending platforms. What an amazing time I had! I learned so much about crowdlending in general and about almost every platform in my portfolio. It has been a really busy time here and I wanted to gather as much knowledge as possible for you guys while I was here and had the chance. So I am currently behind in transcribing 14 interviews! I have my last interview and platform visit tomorrow with EnvestioDuring the month I was in Tallinn and visited 4  platforms. Reinvest24BondoraEstateGuru and CrowdEstate.  After Tallinn I went back to Riga to visit and interview SwaperDoFinance and tomorrow Envestio

Now the fall has arrived here in the Baltics and the same goes for Denmark. So now the time has come to chase the sun and everlasting summer! In about a week I will arrive in Chang Mai, Thailand. Then it will all be about getting all the information I gathered out to you! Let me be honest. There will be time for a few dips in a nice pool and some awesome thai food. My favorite food style in the whole world. It is truly the spice of life. 

There will be weekly articles
 with all the great information about the platforms I got here. No more visiting platforms for a while and I will be able to focus 100% on writing articles. I cannot wait to give you the answers to all the questions you gave me to discuss with the platforms. I hope all this new knowledge will enable me to protect my crowdlending portfolio. I will pass all the knowledge on to my followers. I hope that all the information will help and inspire you as well. 

How did I rebalance and invest new funds during August?

During the month of August I did some rebalancing of the platforms. I took some of the money just sitting there waiting for good projects and also interest payments and returned principal. I then simply moved the money to other platforms that I already knew I wanted to make a bigger part of my portfolio. I also added 3077 euros to my portfolio. 

I added to my investments on 4 different platforms. I also lowered the amount of money on 3 other platforms. Here is how I rebalanced and split up the funds on the 7 different platforms. 

Decreased exposure: 
Envestio: -1526,17 € 
Fastinvest-561,55 € 
Mintos: -101,50 €  

Increased exposure: 
Debitum: 250 €  
Grupeer250 € 
VIAINVEST1890,07 € 
Bondora: 500 € 

Apart from rebalancing and adding to existing platforms, I also started an interesting little experiment in regards to  Bondora Go & Grow and Mintos Invest & Access

Which is the better product - Bondora Go & Grow or Mintos Invest & Access?

A few months ago, during the P2P conference in Riga, I published an article about the new Mintos Invest & Access product. This is in some ways similar to the Bondora Go & Grow product. I wanted to transfer money back into Bondora Go & Grow. When I visited the Bondora office in Tallinn last week, they told me that 1/3 of their investor portfolio is in Go & Grow. This paints a clear picture that this type of product is really popular with investors and has great potential. Bondora has been in operation since 2007, but the Bondora Go & Grow product is fairly new. Both Bondora Go & Grow and Mintos Invest & Access promise that the investor can sell their investments and get the money out right away. With Bondora Go & Grow you can get all the money out no matter the status of the loans you are invested in, but offers a lower interest rate than Mintos Invest & Access. On the other hand, with Mintos Invest & Access, investors can only get the money out that are currently not late. Some loan providers at Mintos also does not offer interest payments on late loans. So it is not quite clear which product is the best. 

I therefore decided to transfer 500 euros to each platform at the 1st of August last month. I invested the money at the same time and I will not deposit any more money to the two product portfolios. Every month I will then do a status of the progress and earnings, to share with you which portfolio is currently ahead. This will be interesting!

Below you can see the results for both portfolios by the 1st of September 2019. The result may surprise you! Even though the interest rate for Bondora Go & Grow is almost half of what Mintos Invest & Access offers, Bondora Go & Grow is already ahead. On top of that, almost a 1/3 of the money invested in Mintos Invest & Access is not  available for instant withdrawal. Let’s see if Mintos Invest & Access will catch up next month. Interesting battle! 

My crowdlending portfolio at the beginning of September 2019

So let us take a look at the stats for my portfolio at the time of writing this blog post. If you are reading this article later than September 2019, you can find my updated portfolio on the My Crowdlending Portfolio page. 

64867 € in my crowdlending portfolio
601 € of passive income this month from crowdlending

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