My new investments in July 2019. 5 new platforms in my portfolio

My new investments in July 2019. 5 new platforms in my portfolio

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3 weeks in Lithuania - visiting platforms and exploring the city

I spent most of the month of July in Vilnius, Lithuania. Here I visited 6 different platforms. PeerberrySavyNEO FinanceEvoEstateFinbee, and Debitum. I went to their offices and had a small tour and interviewed all the CEOs about their platforms and how they do business. The interviews will be on the blog shortly and the first one about Peerberry is already available on the blog

I am learning a lot while traveling in the Baltics and during July I started investing with 5 new platforms
VIAINVESTNEO FinanceEvoEstateFinbee, and Debitum. I have already met with all these platforms and interviewed them. The interview with VIAINVEST is already available on the blog. As you can see from this monthly update I am already comfortable investing with VIAINVEST and plan to make them a bigger part of my portfolio. So my portfolio now consist of 20 platforms. 

Where did I invest new funds during July?

During the month of July I did some rebalancing of the platforms. I took some of the money just sitting there waiting for good projects and also interest payments and returned principal. I then simply moved the money to other platforms that I already knew I wanted to make a bigger part of my portfolio. 

I added to my investments on 7 different platforms. I also lowered the amount of money on 5 other platforms. Here is how I rebalanced and split up the funds on the 12 different platforms. 

Decreased exposure: 
Envestio: -2660 € 
EstateGuru: -19,75 € 
Fastinvest-446,24 €,96 € 
Iuvo Group-12,89 € 

Increased exposure: 
Crowdestor: 509,08 € 
Debitum: 250 € 
Finbee: 200 € 
Mintos570 € 
NEO Finance300 € 
EvoEstate: 500 € 
VIAINVEST1890,07 € 

I just added 1080,27 € to my portfolio this month. The rest was rebalancing. I was getting a little cash drag on, so I pulled out the money that was not working for me there. Envestio has also had only a few projects lately, so I pulled out the money, and paid back principal from projects, to invest on other platforms. I have stopped my auto invest on Fastinvest as I want to move the funds to another platform until Fastinvest reveals their loan originators. The reason for not just selling all loans back to Fastinvest right now, is that I will then have to give up the profits I already made on those loans. So I am waiting for the Fastinvest loans to mature. 

The money I withdrew from other platforms, together with the 1080,27 € that I deposited during July, went mainly to 4 platforms. Crowdestor had a lot of projects so I reinvested all earnings and to added my account. Crowdestor now has the biggest percentage of my crowdlending portfolioMintos also got a deposit as I feel very comfortable with their business plan and platform. I want to reach my 10000 euro upper limit per platform with them. VIAINVEST got the most money this month with 1890,07 €. I was really impressed with the VIAINVEST platform when I went to see them in Riga. I also started investing with EvoEstate. They are a real estate investment aggregator currently with 10 platforms connected. They just started up and I had the chance to spend a day with Gustas, the CEO of EvoEstate. The interview will come out on the blog later. 

Three projects at BulkEstate

I still had a little cash sitting at BulkEstate so I invested in 3 different real estate projects in 3 different areas in and around  Riga. The funny thing is that one of those projects actually holds the BulkEstate office. If you did not read it already, you can find the interview a had in Riga recently with the BulkEstate CEO Igors. 

The 5 Crowdestor projects

This month I invested in 5 different projects at CrowdestorRenovation of historical apartment building which I also made a YouTube video about. I made several YouTube videos about Crowdestor.  Other projects I invested in were Renewable energyIndustrial business centerRenovation of historical apartment building on Miera Street, and Sweet Dreams Samloem Resort. In the last project, the money was for further significant enhancement and operation of a successful Cambodian resort run under the business name of Sweet Dreams Samloem. The interest rate for the projects range from 14 to 20,70%. I spent a lot of time with Crowdestor in Riga and hopefully the next article will be the interview with Crowdestor and something about the time I spent with them, seeing how they work on a day to day basis looking for good projects for investors. 

2 projects through EvoEstate

EvoEstate got me two good properties through auto invest. One in Lithuania through NordStreet and one in Spain through Inveslar. EvoEstate is a very new platform and I just started investing with them about 3 weeks ago. EvoEstate is a real estate investing platform that aggregate other real estate investment platforms like BulkEstate. They currently connect with 10 platforms but plan to connect to  many new platforms in the coming months. The great thing about EvoEstate is that their minimum investment is 50 euros per projects, but directly investing in the platform aggregated, the minimum investment limit is usually higher. That gives you the possibility of more diversification. EvoEstate also puts a personal comment on all of the projects on the platform and say why not or why they invested in the projects. That is really helpful for investors to quickly assess the risk. 

5 new platforms in my portfolio this month

Besides VIAINVEST and EvoEstate,  I also opened accounts on three other platforms. DebitumFinbee, and NEO Finance. I did interviews with the CEOs of all of these companies and I am currently testing the platforms. Interviews and first impressions of the platforms will be on the blog soon. 

My crowdlending portfolio at the beginning of August 2019

So let us take a look at the stats for my portfolio at the time of writing this blog post. If you are reading this article later than August 2019, you can find my updated portfolio on the My Crowdlending Portfolio page. 

60925 € in my crowdlending portfolio
573 € of passive income this month from crowdlending

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