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My new investments in June 2019

My new investments in June 2019

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One month in Riga, Latvia. I learned a lot! Work hard, Invest hard

Wow, what a month! I spend all of this month in Riga, Latvia. I tracked all of my expenses and at some point in the future I will release an article about the cost of living in Riga. The thing that surprised me the most? The cheapest brand beer here is Carlsberg! How is that possible? Anyway, Riga is a really beautiful city and not that expensive. I lived in an old horse stable named Amalienhof in Riga’s center. It was built in 1886 and in the beginning of 20th century World Heritage Committee decided to include Amalienhof on the List of World Heritage. Originally it was built as horse stables of german baroness Amalia von Reinhold. What is even more interesting is that Gunars from Crowdestor used to work here and his old company renovated the building, before it was later turned into a hostel. What a small world. At the end of this week, after my two final interviews here, I will go to Vilnius in Lithuania. There is a lot of good content coming from interviews with the different platforms. I just take my time to make some quality content for you. But it will be released little by little, I promise. 

Where did I invest new funds during June?

During the month of June, I added to my investments on four different platforms. CrowdestorRobo.cashBulkEstate and Grupeer. Here is how I split up the funds on the four platforms. 

Robo.cash1002,14 € 
Crowdestor624,26‬ € 
BulkEstate: 2000‬ € 
Grupeer: 2796,35‬ €

789,51 ‬€ of the money that went to actually came from my Bondora Go & Grow account. I converted my normal Bondora portfolio to Go & Grow a while back, as some High Risk rated loans defaulted. I lost 3 ‬€, haha! But the claim is still there and I also made 35 € investing with Bondora, so no worries. I don’t think Bondora is a bad platform, but as I can get more out of my money then the 6.75% at Bondora Go & Grow. I may go back to a normal portfolio at Bondora and set up auto invest to take loans with a lower risk at some point. It least to diversify. But for now, the money is in In the auto invest at I setup only to invest 1 € in each loan. That means I invested in 1002 different loans. You got to love that diversification! By the way, Bondora has the same 1‬ € minimum, so that is also good. 

I raised my portfolio at Grupeer before my interview with the Founder and also the Executive Vice President. This interview really cemented my belief, that Grupeer is a solid platform. I actually partly also raised my stakes with Grupeer to test how the auto invest would diversify, especially in regards to development projects. It actually turned out pretty good and you can see the statistics, including graphs that I generated from my auto invest, in the interview with Grupeer. It gives some great insights into how Grupeer auto invest actually diversifies. Statistics is not yet available on their platform. But the statistics should be available on the platform late Q1 next year. You can find a lot more information about it in the article

Besides that, I entered a new platform. BulkEstate. After my interview with Igors, the CEO and co-founder, I decided to invest in one of their projects. I still have some funds sitting on the platform, as I know there are a few more interesting objects in the pipeline, that will be released very soon. 

In addition, all earnings during the month was reinvested into other investments on the same platforms. 
Let’s go through the different projects I invested in at Crowdestor and BulkEstate. By the way, if you want to see some videos of the real estate objects that Crowdestor and BulkEstate had previously, to see how well they pick their real estate objects, I made some videos of the projects on my YouTube channel

Equity object at 18% with BulkEstate

This two-story residential building “Barona Dainas” consists of 16 apartments with a total saleable area of 620 square metres. The residential building is located on Kr. Barona 92A, Riga, in a quiet, green side-street within popular city centre neighbourhood with close access to shops and city services and very convenient transport to the Old Town or other city areas.

The residential house has undergone a full renovation including a façade renovation, full engineer network renovation, reconstruction of the roof, improvement of the surrounding territory, staircase and more. Next renovation plans include apartment repair works which will complete the reconstruction of the building. 

I actually made a YouTube with Igors, where we visited the construction site and I got a lot of details about the project. If you did not see it yet, you can click the image below to see it on my YouTube channel. I invested 1000 € in this object. By the way, the project sold out in just 4 minutes after opening for investment! But I got my piece. 

Renovation of dwelling house in the heart of Riga with Crowdestor at 21%

The facility is located 7 minutes walking distance from the Old Town of Riga, which is great for Airbnb tourists and locals, because of its great location right in the centre of the city, in the Riverside of Daugava with access to public transport. Following the increasing demand for small apartments, the Project mainly consists from apartments in a range from 25m2 to 45 m2. I love to invest in these small size apartments, because I know there is a big demand if the location is right. Total number of apartments in the project is 26. The investment opportunity offered Crowdestor investors to make a loan with a 21% annual interest rate. 

My crowdlending portfolio at the end of June 2019

So let us take a look at the stats for my portfolio at the time of writing this blog post. If you are reading this article later than July 2019, you can find my updated portfolio on the My Crowdlending Portfolio page. 

59137 € in my crowdlending portfolio
522 € of passive income this month from crowdlending

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  1. Dithe Pedersen

    Hej. Jeg har for noget tid siden oprettet mig på Mintos, og bruger Revolut til at overføre penge med, hvilket fungerer rigtig godt.
    Nu har jeg oprettet mig på Grupeer, og vil gerne fortsætte med Revolut. Jeg kan dog ikke finde IBAN og SWIFT oplysningerne på deres hjemmeside, som man kan på Mintos. Kender du til dette?
    Mvh Dithe.

    1. Georg

      Hi Dithe,
      No problem, I can help you. You can actually see under my Grupeer platform signup and walkthrough article how to transfer money.
      But basically, this is what you do:

      Click the “Deposit/Withdraw” in the top menu and choose “Add Funds”. Under “Bank payment” you can see the two banks. It doesn’t matter which one you transfer to. You will need to use the Bank Account Number also called IBAN and the SWIFT or BIC code. Do not forget to add your payment detail including your Grupeer ID for your investor account in the comment for the transfer, so that Grupeer will know what account to deposit the funds to. The money should arrive on your investment account in a few business days.

      If you want to use auto-invest, you can set it up before your money arrives. You can also see how to do that in the article above.

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