Last week’s news about the P2P platforms. Week 44 – 2020

Last week’s news about the P2P platforms. Week 44 – 2020

News summary from my platforms and interesting articles during last week

Here is some of the news I have received from the 19 platforms I am currently invested with. For those of you who wants to keep updated, you can get the latest news from the previous week in this summary. If I missed something important, please comment and I will add it to the list. 

Q3 2020 property overview from Reinvest24

October 30
In the past, Reinvest24 property quarter overviews were sent via email only to users who are invested in a particular project. Starting from Q1 2020, the overviews of the Reinvest24 rental properties, as well as the development projects are available for everyone. Here are the updates on all projects for Q3 2020. 

New partnership with loan originator CubeFunder from the United Kingdom

October 29
Debitum Network is happy to announce another new partner from the UK – CubeFunder, an alternative lender for the UK small businesses since 2017. CubeFunder is a company that has been successfully disbursing loans to small and medium businesses for over 3 years and managed to grow its portfolio to almost 10 million Euro. The team at CubeFunder has focused on both state of the art solutions like Open Banking and the personal touch that small and medium business require….

Update on the performance of loan originators in Q3 2020

October 29
Robocash the latest on the performance and updates from (Spain), TEZ Finance (Kazakhstan), RC Riga (Vietnam) loan originators. 

In Q3 2020, the Vietnamese loan originator focused on developing and testing a new business model. Following its new protective policy, the company was issuing loans only to the most reliable customers. Then, the lender gradually started to serve new customers as well, but only those who have good credit history with other companies. All these measures helped us reach a high recovery rate and increase disbursement volumes and profits….

Viventor shares 2019 annual report of their biggest loan originator

October 28
The largest loan originator on the ViVentor platform, the partners from Atlantis Financiers N.V. have asked ViVentor to share the latest news about their financial situation. They want to assure investors that the situation with Atlantis is in no way similar to the one that we are currently experiencing with other LO’s. Atlantis has emphasized to ViVentor, that they are financially in the black. 

Mintos has launched the Mintos Risk Score - a new risk evaluation model

October 28
Mintos launched the Mintos Risk Score, a new numerical risk evaluation model that will replace the Mintos Rating that they used since 2018.

The new Mintos Risk Score is a numerical measure that portrays the risk level of a particular investment opportunity on Mintos, and it serves as a supporting tool for investors’ decision-making. The most important difference in the value of the Mintos Risk Score compared to the earlier risk evaluation model (Mintos Rating) is that the Mintos Risk Score has a different methodology that includes more factors and shows more details, providing investors with a new level of transparency when investing on Mintos.

The Mintos Risk Score is an aggregate of four subscores that are also shown to investors. Subscores are assigned to four different aspects of a particular investment opportunity. They rate Loan portfolio performance, Loan servicer efficiency, Buyback strength, and Cooperation structure, and express them in ….

Reinvest24 Success story: Majaka properties exited with 14.24% per annum

October 27
Majaka 54 was the first development project of Reinvest24. The development was conducted by their own real estate team. Reinvest24 built 2 additional floors on top of 2 floor apartment building. All together there were 5 parts of this project on the Reinvest24 platform, one of them were divided into 2 separate projects during the payout. Despite the challenges they had, implementing this project, all the projects have been exited successfully and the repayments with an average of 14.24% annual income has been paid out. I also personally visited this particular project with the CEO Tanel, during the renovation. 

Latvia’s financial system needs a common sense victory - Twino blog

October 26
An interesting blog post from Twino. In the past year, Latvia’s financial sector has gone through decisive changes, becoming less vulnerable to financial crime. But the new, more rigid regulations have led to a dead-end in our financial system – many businesses, especially from non-EU countries, find it very difficult to open bank accounts in Latvia. Is this situation a hurdle for the fintech industry or an opportunity? 

Debitum Network: Triple Dragon assets are now coming back!

October 23
The demand and popularity of Triple Dragon loans didn’t take Debitum Network by surprise, as those assets have been backed by receivables from major tech enterprises such as Google, Apple, Amazon or Facebook. But not only the underlying collateral has been a huge benefit for guaranteeing the safety of Triple Dragon assets.

After having successfully funded nearly 1.5 million Euro with an average interest rate of 8.61%, 
Debitum Network is happy to announce that Triple Dragon assets are now coming back to the platform. This time Triple Dragon assets are coming along with yet another layer of safety, for which we have installed an SPV structure.

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