Stage 2 presentations from the P2P conference in Riga 2019 – the biggest P2P event of the year!

Stage 2 presentations from the P2P conference in Riga 2019 – the biggest P2P event of the year!

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The not so X-files of Stage 2

Oh man – how could I have been so stupid? Talking to Lars Wrobbel about the P2P conference 2019, and what improvements could be made to the 2020 conference, I moaned about the fact that there was simultaneous sessions on the Main Stage and Stage 2, making it impossible to attend all sessions. 

I filmed the Main Stage and stayed here most of the time, not realizing that Stage 2 was also filmed and shared on YouTube a few days after I made my first article with videos from the conference. So, today I got the gift of another P2P conference from stage 2, as the videos was uploaded a little later than the videos from the Main Stage. So I missed them. I of course want to share them if you, like me, also missed it. Of course, the videos are from June 2019 so the numbers they show are no longer accurate. But it is also fun to see how the platforms have developed. Enjoy, fellow investors. 

Book about P2P investing - now in English

Before we get started, since the P2P conference, Lars Wrobbel has been working hard to translate his, and his P2P conference sidekick, Kolja Barghoorn’s, book about P2P investing. Anyone involved in crowdlending should know about Lars Wrobbel at this point. He is running the very successful German P2P blog and podcast and has more than 65.000 followers. He is the most unbiased P2P blogger I have come across. He wrote the book in collaboration with Kolja Barghoorn, who is very well known in the investor community as well. One of the few books about crowdlending in English out there at this point. Don’t miss out! Get Lars’ and Koljas book in English right here! 

Well, let's get on with the presentations

I cut the first part out on some of the videos below, so they start right when the presentation starts. I have cut away the presentation of the speaker. If you want to hear it, just rewind on YouTube. For those of you who don’t need the intro, just click the movie and cut the chase. Get your popcorns ready and enjoy the P2P conference. 

Daniil Aal, about Estateguru

25 minutes and 34 seconds. 

17 minutes and 58 seconds, by cutting the intro and question session. Click the movie below, to cut the intro.   

Daniil Aal, Head of Group Sales at


The sound is unfortunately not that good. 

Daniil talks about the growth in non-bank property lending. He talks about the growth of Estateguru, their experience, and their specialists. He explains the capital stack of a common real estate object and why an equity project usually gives a higher return but also a higher risk. He explains how the Estateguru platform works. He shows before and after pictures of several renovation projects as well as new developments. He also share the growth vision of Estateguru

Did you know that the idea for Estateguru was founded at a 4 am meeting outside of a nightclub in Tallinn? 

I visited Estateguru this August and made an interview with them. Read about it or hear the podcast

Olga Davydova, The P2P market and about ROBOCASH

10 minutes and 35 seconds. 

8 minutes, by cutting the question session. Click the movie below to see the video. 

Olga Davydova, Head of Media & Investor Relations Robocash Group at Robocash

The sound is unfortunately not that good. 

Olga first gives some general numbers about the P2P market and how the demand from investors have changed. 

She talks about the experience of investors and why they invest in P2P. Then she goes on to present the Robocash Group and the platform. 

Olga ends up talking about the future plans for the platform. 

Tanel Orro, about Reinvest24

20 minutes and 41 seconds. 

17 minutes and 28 seconds, by cutting the intro and question session. Click the movie below, to cut the intro. 

Tanel Orro, CEO at Reinvest24

The sound is a lot better on this video! 

Tanel Orro talks about buy-2-let properties with Reinvest24. He also talked about why we need crowdfunding and the struggles of being a landlord. 

He explains how the platform works and he does into the work required to onboard an object. He reveals the expansion plans. He also talks about the Baltic real estate market and economic. He shares the Reinvest24 track record and capital gains from buy-2-let properties


Ausra Ciupliene, about SAVY

8 minutes and 5 seconds. 

7 minutes and 9 seconds, by cutting the intro and question session. Click the movie below, to cut the intro. 

Ausra Ciupliene, CEO at Savy

The sound is not too good in the beginning. It becomes a lot better after 2 minutes and 17 seconds

Ausra Ciupliene talks about Savy as a platform and the history of the company. She explains the struggle starting up as one of the first P2P platforms in Lithuania. She shares default rates of Savy, the returns on the platform, and something about regulations in Lithuania. 


Stepan Hyks, about ZONKY

14 minutes and 42 seconds. 

11 minutes and 55 seconds, by cutting the intro and question session. Click the movie below, to cut the intro

Stepan Hyks, Head of Rollout at Zonky

The sound is a lot better on this video! 

Stepan Hyks talks about what Zonky is and how they got started in a start-up hub. He talks about their business in SEA and the groups track record. He explains the credit scoring and shows a few commercials from Zonky. He then shares information about the application speed and their SMS-signing. He then reveals the expansion plans over the next years. 

That's all! See more and share

There is a few more videos on the YouTube channel from the P2P conference. I did not include all of them, as they are not all platform related. If you want to see the videos from the Main Stage, you can see a similar article where I cut up the videos and sum up the content. 

If you have someone in your network that could find these videos educational and helpful, feel free to save the article with them. 

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