Week 1, 2021 – News Summary for P2P Lending Investors

Week 1, 2021 – News Summary for P2P Lending Investors

P2P lending news summary - News about platforms and interesting articles

Here is some of the news I have received from the 19 platforms I am currently invested with. I also gather a number of interesting articles written about P2P lending, platforms, regulations, tools and how-to guides. I get a lot of news about P2P lending, so in this summary I try to filter away all the spam, promotions and everything that does not really deliver much useful information or value to the reader. We are all busy, so I try to deliver a compact and filtered list of the most valuable, entertaining and educational P2P lending news I receive. Please let me know if you find these news summaries helpful, by commenting below. Any ideas for improvement is the comments are very welcome as well. 

For those of you who wants to keep updated, you can get the latest news from the previous week in this summary. If I missed something important, please comment and I will add it to the list. 

Spanish real estate market overview: Trends to expect in 2021

January 12
Over centuries, the intriguing charm of Spain has stolen many hearts. Its beautiful beaches, impressive architecture, delicious food, famous landmarks and very rich culture, makes this country an appealing destination.

So is Spain’s real estate market. However, It is always important to learn more about the market where You plan to make long-term investments. In this article, we briefly share the highlights of our insights on the current market situation, the latest statistics available and trends for the coming year.

How P2P lending regulations in Southeast Asia benefit SMEs and Investors

January 10
P2P lending is a relatively new industry. Investors are worried about the security of their investments and the legitimacy of P2P platforms facilitating the loan transactions. In Southeast Asia (SEA), countries like Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand have set up a regulatory framework to provide legal protection to borrowers and investors and strengthen the growing P2P market. Collaboration between industry players and regulators will help to integrate and establish P2P lending as a serious contributor to the fintech industry.

Kristaps Mors: Mintos in 2020 - how did it go?

January 7
Kristaps shares a couple of charts about Mintos – loans funded, funds frozen because of problematic loan originators, active investors and average investment size. How was 2020 for Mintos and has it recovered after Covid? Check it out in the full article below. 

PeerBerry grew by 46% in 2020

January 5
The number of PeerBerry investors also grew by 74% in 2020 – from 17 046 at the end of 2019 to 29 571 at the end of 2020. In 2020, PeerBerry paid 2,45 million EUR in interest to its investors, i.e. 73% more than in 2019. The platform demonstrated outstanding performance during all the challenges 2020 brought to us all. None of PeerBerry’s business partners faced any financial or operational difficulties last year. See more numbers and information about last years performance in the full article. 

CROWDESTOR: Secondary Market Commission lowered substantially

Januar 4
CROWDESTOR launched the Secondary Market in October 2020 and has actively monitored the Secondary Market’s activity during the past months. CROWDESTOR later concluded that the previous maximum commission cap should be reduced for Buyers. The maximum commission paid by Buyers for investing in deals on the Secondary Market has been lowered from 5% to 2%.  

Which P2P lending platforms are my preferred in 2021?

One of the questions I asked every single crowdlending platform I have visited was “How will you handle a crises or economic downturn?” Last year we have seen what can happen first hand. Some P2P lending platforms have not been paying investors as promised. Some have even closed down. Some were exposed as scams. 

The four P2P lending platforms below have continued to deliver on their promises to me, and other investors, during 2020. Their terms have also not been changed too much and they have been paying good profits consistently during the whole corona crises. More platforms have of course delivered what they have promised, but this is my top 4 list).

1. Estateguru


3. Peerberry

4. Bondora (Go & Grow)

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