Week 2, 2021 – News Summary for P2P Lending Investors

Week 2, 2021 – News Summary for P2P Lending Investors

P2P lending news summary - News about platforms and interesting articles

Here is some of the news I have received from the 19 platforms I am currently invested with. I also gather a number of interesting articles written about P2P lending, platforms, regulations, tools and how-to guides. I get a lot of news about P2P lending, so in this summary I try to filter away all the spam, promotions and everything that does not really deliver much useful information or value to the reader. We are all busy, so I try to deliver a compact and filtered list of the most valuable, entertaining and educational P2P lending news I receive. Please let me know if you find these news summaries helpful, by commenting below. Any ideas for improvement is the comments are very welcome as well. 

For those of you who wants to keep updated, you can get the latest news from the previous week in this summary. If I missed something important, please comment and I will add it to the list. 

Kristaps Mors: Who received money from Envestio?

January 18
Latvian journalists from “de facto” have done very good research, below is a translation of article published in Latvian. Another great work from Estonian journalists was published in postimees.ee. For those not involved in the lawsuit against Envestio, or actually anyone investing in Baltic P2P lending platforms, this is a good read.

Nearly €400M Invested via European P2P Lending Platform Bondora, with Almost €50M in Returns Paid to Investors in Past 12 Years

January 18
Bondora, a European peer to peer (P2P) lending platform, acknowledges that 2020 was a “rollercoaster ride,” but they’re pleased to confirm that they ended the year off “on a high.”

Bondora recently revealed that its December 2o20 investments reached €7,043,525.00— which was reportedly the 4th highest for the platform during 2020. According to the P2P lender, this is “a good indication” that they might be getting ready to head back to pre-COVID levels of activity.

CROWDESTOR will take part in free virtual P2P lending conference - FinFellas

January 15
On 28th-29th of January 2021, the CROWDESTOR will take part in the virtual conference FinFellas dedicated to Real Estate crowdlending. The CROWDESTOR CEO will participate in the discussion and CROWDESTOR invite you to register as well. It is completely free of charge. During uncertain times the knowledge gained on this kind of conference is valuable and will help you better navigate through real estate investing. 

Mintos 2020 year in review

January 14
The 2020 pandemic produced, according to most experts, the deepest global recession since the Second World War. With so many people losing jobs and relying on government unemployment benefits, plus governments stepping in with loan repayment deferral programs, the alternative lending industry was put up to a serious test.

The crisis that began last spring has undoubtedly accelerated the demise of some less-established crowdlending platforms and forced the bigger ones to become more resilient. Unfortunately, many investors across all platforms were affected, with some of their investments being either lost or still at risk. In this article, Mintos sums up the year.

Crowdestate platform summary of 2020

January 13
Crowdestate have managed live through the eventful year of 2020, which they sum up with this overview blog post. They take a look at the statistics, the innovations made during the year and the investment opportunities financed. Crowdestate also write about some problematic investment opportunities and defaulted loans. 

P2P Lending in Vietnam

January 11
P2P lending in Vietnam is a relatively new and growing field. It also remains largely unregulated. In an official letter issued a year and a half ago, the state bank of Vietnam acknowledged that the space lacked regulation and warned banks and credit institutions of various dangers inherent in operating P2P lending platforms. It did not, however, offer any guidance on what it expected those same institutions to do as regards licensing, reporting, or monitoring any platforms they may decide to pursue. This lack of regulation, however, has not stopped Vietnamese businesses from developing P2P lending platforms.

Which P2P lending platforms are my preferred in 2021?

One of the questions I asked every single crowdlending platform I have visited was “How will you handle a crisis or economic downturn?” Last year we have seen what can happen first hand. Some P2P lending platforms have not been paying investors as promised. Some have even closed down. Some were exposed as scams. 

The four P2P lending platforms below have continued to deliver on their promises to me, and other investors, during 2020. Their terms have also not been changed too much and they have been paying good profits consistently during the whole corona crises. More platforms have of course delivered what they have promised, but this is my top 4 list).

1. Estateguru


3. Peerberry

4. Bondora (Go & Grow)

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