Week 40, 2020 – Recent news about the P2P platforms

Week 40, 2020 – Recent news about the P2P platforms

News summary from my platforms and interesting articles during last week

Here is some of the news I have received from the 19 platforms I am currently invested with. For those of you who wants to keep updated, you can get the latest news in this summary. If I missed something important, please comment and I will add it to the list. 

Crowdestor releases secondary market and a new dashboard

Crowdestor had a busy week. They both changed their dashboard to include information on the late projects  and also added a secondary market. There is a lot of troubled projects for sale at big discounts. 

Swaper shares some information about first half of 2020 results

September 30
Swaper also writes how they have adapted the business to the COVID-19 challenges, new features and some plans for the future. 

Q&A with Matti Vansen – EstateGuru’s country head in Finland

September 30
Estateguru has been operating in Finland for some time in a small scale, but as they recently got their licence, so they can now to marketing about the projects and thereby scale. Estateguru published a blog post with a Q&A with Matti Vansen, Estateguru‘s country head in Finland. 

Peerberry adjust their loan originator list

September 30
Peerberry is in cooperation with the Latvian regulator FCMC to obtain an IBF license. While the process of regulating P2P platforms in Latvia is underway, Peerberry provides a detailed report on the activities of the platform to the regulator every month.

One of the areas carefully assessed by the regulator on a monthly base is the platform partners – loan originators. Peerberry has agreed with the regulator that loan originators who do not borrow for some time and have no plans to borrow through the Peerberry in the nearest months, should be removed from the list of partners.

To comply with this agreement, Peerberry has responsibly reviewed our list of partners and removed from the list of loan originators some business partners – only those who are fully settled with all Peerberry investors and have not needed to borrow via P2P for some or quite a long time.

As of September 30, Peerberry removed the below partners from the list of Peerberry loan. 

Reinvest24: 5 things that increase the price of your investment property

September 28
Reinvest24 released a blog post last explaining how and what are the factors that increase the price of your investment property. 

PeerBerry survey | Most of Danes and Dutch are not feeling the effects of the pandemic.

September 28
Peerberry had very few bumps on the road this year on has come out of the crises quite well. They recently did a survey with their investors to find out how affected they had been by the pandemic. They have now revealed the answers on their blog.

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