Week 42 – Recent news about the P2P platforms 2020

Week 42 – Recent news about the P2P platforms 2020

News summary from my platforms and interesting articles during last week

Here is some of the news I have received from the 19 platforms I am currently invested with. For those of you who wants to keep updated, you can get the latest news from the previous week in this summary. If I missed something important, please comment and I will add it to the list. 

CROWDESTOR Credit report - LIVE webinar (Wednesday this week)

October 13
CROWDESTOR is pleased to invite you to the live webinar on the 21st of October, 11:00 (CET), with Artur Geisari, the Head of SME. The webinar will be dedicated to the SME credit report and how investors can benefit from it. 

Questions that will be covered during the LIVE webinar:

  • How is it possible to automate credit scoring in 3 months?
  • Why a credit report is important and why it will become an industry standard?
  • How to read and understand credit reports?
  • What happens with those SMEs that are rejected?
  • How standardized and automated scoring, paired together with the secondary market and auto-invest option, would boost your investment diversifications?
  • Which company rating is best to invest in and which to avoid?
  • How to find the proper balance between loan amount, maturity, interest rate, probability of default, and loss gave the default?
  • How to understand what is the probability of default?
  • How CROWDESTOR is performing its due diligence?
  • Where to find the income statements and balance sheets in the credit report?
  • How to use credit reports to predict late payments?
  • How can investors trust CROWDESTOR scoring model?

And many more interesting questions asked by the investors and borrowers during live streaming!

IBAN Wallet - another P2P ponzi? (Part 1)

October 14
iBAN Wallet – the digital banking alternative at your fingertips.“ – this was the promise to Seedrs investors, who invested £170 679 in 2 campaigns, valuing the company at £20 million. What happened later? Another good article by Kristaps. 

PeerBerry survey | Regulation is the key to the P2P future

October 16
Although many investors were affected by fraudulent platforms, more than 86% of surveyed investors believe in a bright future for the P2P sector and believe that only responsible investment platforms will remain in the market after the market is regulated.

Live webinar: Ask Mintos Anything about funds in recovery (this Thursday)

October 16
Join the next Ask Mintos Anything call about funds in recovery – what’s the status of each suspended and defaulted lending company and the progress on recovering investors’ funds. 

Date and time: 
Thursday, 22 October, 13:00 EEST

Dmitry Amelin – Debt Collection Manager at Mintos
Janis Pranevics – Head of Loan Originator Partnerships at Mintos

The discussion will be about each suspended and defaulted lending company, however, your questions and upvotes provided in below Slido will determine which topics we will discuss the most. 

IBAN Wallet (Part 2) - hiding in Estonia?

October 19
IBAN Wallet follow-up article by Kristaps. 
“The more info I get about IBAN Wallet the worse it looks. I visited 2 company locations in Riga, Latvia, and tried to reach them by phone. What did I find? Not much. But there is a different story with an Estonian company…”

Viventor Monthly overview: September 2020 – Cleaning up the house

October 19
The process of securing a Financial Brokerage Licence intensified as it moved into its final phase. At the beginning of the month, Viventor had to recoup the overpaid late fees that had been miscalculated due to a bug in the calculation program. Viventor onboarded Credissimo Super AD, a new Loan Originator. Portfolio overview, company audit and more.

By the way, Viventor is not in my portfolio, but I have them on my watchlist and receive news from them, so I may as well include anything interesting in this news summary.

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