What is going on with Envestio? Official news about cyber attacks on the platform?

What is going on with Envestio? Official news about cyber attacks on the platform?

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The Envestio platform is currently down! Have they been hacked?

On the 21st of January, Envestio released a blog post on their official blog, that they are under several different types of attacks. Both hacker attacks and destructive public relations campaigns. Below is the official post fra Envestio: 

Dear Investors,
We would like to address all our clients, investors, borrowers and other counterparties with the following very important issue. We proudly declare that till present moment Envestio managed to fulfill on time and in good faith all financial obligations to all contractual investors and borrowers, despite the very unfavorable situation in the crowdfunding market, provoked by the uncertainty and potential fail of Kuetzal platform.

Simultaneously with the recent concerns within the industry, we tracked repeatedly various technical attempts targeted to influence dramatically on stability of Envestio platform. They were performed through hacker attacks on our web site and platform’s internal structure and database.

At the same time, we noticed that destructive public relations campaign against Envestio has been initiated and which consisted of spreading knowingly false and unconfirmed information by numerous internet resources questioning financial stability and reliability of our platform, denigrating the reputation of the Envestio owners and key employees.

We tend to consider these attempts as a consistent and well-planned set of actions aimed to cause significant financial and reputational damage, as a result of which the Envestio platform should inevitably begin to experience substantial difficulties with current payments to its investors.

We assume that the ultimate goal of all these actions is to devalue overall Envestio’s business, and the subsequent potential raider takeover of the company or an attempt to eliminate the company from the industry, getting rid of as strong competitor. The implementation of the aforementioned scenario is evidenced by a number of factors and hostile actions that occurred precisely at the moment when a serious crisis of confidence reigned in the crowdfunding market and which actually was caused by the scandal surrounding the activities of the Kuetzal platform.

Envestio strongly condemns any actions aimed at further destabilizing the current crowdfunding market situation and disrupting the activity of the Envestio platform, as these factors together can lead to an uncontrolled solvency crisis, influencing not only Envestio but also other industry participants. 

The Envestio website is currently down!

The Envestio website is currently down and after the recent turbulence surrounding the platform, there are many speculations on what is happening. I am not going to speculate on that at this time. The Envestio official blog is still online, so I hope that they will keep us updated there. I will also post updates on the blog and my facebook page, so sign up there and/or on the newsletter if you want me to keep you updated. 

What to do if the site comes online again?

If the website comes up again, even more investors will most likely try to sell their investments. No matter if you want to sell or not, there is one thing you should absolutely do!

Click on the details for every single investment you have at Envestion to see the detail page. One thing I really do right-click and choose “Save as..” and save the page as a local html page on your pc. Do this for every single one of your investments, even if you want to sell everything.

Why is this important? 
Only on the Envestio website you can see the information about who each borrower is and how big a claim you have against them! If the data is gone, it will be hard for you to prove that the borrower actually owes you money, if it should come to a trial at a later state. 

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